Telephone Bidding

If you are unable to attend the auction in person, you may also participate and bid in real time over the phone with the assistance of a McLaren Auction Services representative. To be a phone bidder you must be willing to start an item at $100.00 or the next bid increment above the current online prebid, whichever is greater. Telephone bids are subject to an 18% buyer's premium. Requests for telephone bids must be received 24 hours prior the the start of the auction. Please complete the form below to submit your request. 

Phone bidding procedure: The employee calling you may be calling from a personal cell phone so your caller ID may not show McLaren Auction Services. Additionally, please call at least 2 hours prior to the start of the auction if you need conditions or descriptions of the items. The staff member handling your phone bid will not be able to answer those questions during the auction.

An employee will call and identify themselves to you within 3-5 lots prior to the item that you are interested in bidding on.  Once bidding on your desired lot begins, they will tell you the amount the auctioneer is looking for. Please answer quickly, loudly & clearly either YES or NO. It can be difficult to hear over the auctioneer so speak loudly. We ask that you consider a “Stop Point”. This is a designated amount you wish the staff member to bid up to on this item for you. Because of the noise level that occurs during an auction, this creates less confusion on the phones for us and our customers. Once they reach this “Stop Point” amount they will then query you for the next desired amount that the auctioneer is asking for. You can then bid higher or stop if you so desire. If you would like to add another lot to your bidding, we will TRY to accommodate you but regrettably may not be able to due to other bids already received and/or time constraints.

PLEASE NOTE: It is the bidder's responsibility to ascertain the condition prior to bidding.  ALL SALES ARE FINAL. No refunds, no exchanges, no warranties expressed or implied.  (Emergency bids are executed only if McLaren Auction Services is unable to contact the bidder via the phone number provided.)