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*RARE* Mount Hood Brewing Sign Coming to Auction

Updated: Jul 15, 2019

It's only June, but we are already getting excited about out July 11th, Pre-Expo Advertising & Antique Auction. Antique advertising is so interesting because it leaves us with a glimpse through the keyhole of what life was like in bygone eras. History tells us about wars, natural disasters, and other big events, but advertising teaches us about the day to day life of those who came before.

We have recently acquired this extremely rare circa 1905 tin chromolithograph advertising sign from Mt. Hood Brewing out of Portland, OR. It is believed that as few as 5-6 of these signs exist, and is a prefect example of the way life was in the early 1900s. The self-framed tin lithograph sign is titled “Three Pleasures of Life,” presumably referring to the horse, beautiful lady, and bottle of Mt. Hood Beer featured in the graphics and reads "Above All In Purity" at the base. It brings back the nostalgia for simpler times that I often hear people speaking of when they drop by the auction house!

*UPDATE" The catalog is now online for the July 11th Auction.... preview this tin chromolithograph plus all the other great items in this auction here.

Circa 1900 Mt Hood Brewing Sign

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