How can I preview lots online for an upcoming auction?

All of our auctions are posted online approximately one week prior to the auction.  Visit our Auction Calendar page to preview the upcoming auction.  Once the auction is posted online, buyers can begin pre-bidding if you plan to bid online.

How can I preview lots in person for an upcoming auction?

Live preview is typically held the day before the auction.  For our regularly scheduled Thursday night auctions, live preview is the Wednesday before from 1pm to 6pm and again on auction day from 1pm until the auction begins at 6:30pm.  Watch the website for preview times of specialty auctions.

What is a buyer's premium?

The buyer's premium is a percentage additional charge on the hammer price (winning bid at auction) of the lot that must be paid by the winner.  Hammer Price + Buyer's Premium = Purchase Price

How much is the buyer's premium at McLaren Auction Services?

Buyer's premium varies based on the method of bidding. In-person and absentee bids carry a 13% buyer's premium while online and telephone bids are subject to an 18% buyer's premium. 

What if I can't come to the auction in person?

We offer several ways to participate in our auction.  All of our auctions are available for in-person, online, telephone and absentee bidding.  

What is an absentee bid?

An absentee bid is sometimes called a 'left' or 'maximum' bid.  It is the maximum amount you are willing to pay for an item.  All absentee bids must be left in a whole dollar amount and a standard bid increment.  

Will I automatically have to pay the whole amount of my absentee bid?

Your absentee bid is only your maximum bid.  The auctioneer starts each lot at either half of your absentee bid or the current bid online - whichever is greater.  For example, if you leave an absentee bid of $100 on a lot, the auctioneer will start the bidding at $50 if there are no other competitive bids.  You are required to pay a minimum of 50% of your max bid.

Why did I lose a lot to a bidder bidding the same amount?

Our auctioneer tries his best to have the winning bid land on your absentee bid.  However, this is not always possible and sometimes the max bid ends with a floor or internet bidder.  You can opt to have the auctioneer increase your bid amount by one more bid increment.

What is a bid increment?

Bid Increment is minimum amount an auction bid must be raised each time the current highest bid is surpassed.

What is a telephone bid?

A phone bid is bidding via your telephone in real time with a representative at the auction house bidding for you.  Please visit our Telephone Bid page for more information.

How do I bid online?

Bidding online is easy!  Just register with our online bidding platform.  Information needed to register includes name, billing & shipping address, email, phone number, and credit card information.  You can then bid via desktop or with our mobile app.  With the ease of the mobile app, you can bid from anywhere!  The mobile app can be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play.  If you are having any difficulty with your online registration, don't hesitate to contact us directly.

I am pre-bidding online, why did my bid jump so suddenly?

Bids only increase if there is a competitive bid.  Until someone bids against you, your bid will remain at a minimum.

How do I know if I have won?

If you are bidding in-person, the auctioneer will announce 'SOLD' followed by the bid card number of the winning bidder.  If you leave an absentee bid or bid online, an invoice with winning lots will be emailed to you at the conclusion of the auction.  

I have changed my mind, can I return my purchased item?

All sales are final with no returns or exchanges.  Please preview items carefully before deciding to bid.  We try to offer a clear description and provide photographs, but sometimes things are missed.  If you have any questions regarding the condition of an item, please contact us directly at least 24 hours prior to the auction.



How do I consign an item?

If you have an item you are interested in consigning, please contact us directly.  Items must first be approved by our auctioneer before we accept them for consignment.  Generally, the easiest way to do that is to send us photos. Pictures can be sent via email,  text message to 503-776-0041, or uploaded using our contact form. You'll find more information on our 'How to Consign' page. 

How much does it cost to consign an item?

McLaren Auction Services charges a consignment percentage for items sold.  The percentage rate is determined by how much each lot is sold for.  Items sold for a higher dollar amount are subject to a lower percentage than items sold for a low dollar amount.  Please download our contract for a complete listing of our consignment rates.  No other fees or rates are charged.

Can I put a reserve on my item?

Typically we do not offer reserves on items.  With marketing and the competitive bid system, items consistently bring the current market value.  In the very rare exception we do allow for a reserve (minimum of $500 value), the item will be subject to a $100 fee if it does not meet the reserve price.

How is my check calculated?

Consignment percentages are based on each lot individually - not the total of your items sold collectively.  You will receive a check along with a consignment order detailing how much each lot sold for.

When will I receive my check?

Checks are sent our approximately 21 days after the last item on your contract has sold.  

Do you conduct tag or estate sales?

We only offer items to be sold through the auction method.  Most times, it is most beneficial for items to be brought to our gallery and sold there.  However, occasionally, it is possible to host an auction at your location if the amount and size of items prove to be too prohibitive to transfer to our location.



What is an auction?

An auction is a public sale in which goods are sold to the highest bidder.  The auctioneer guides the bidding with a set bid increment and the item(s) is sold to the highest bidder when there is no longer a competitive bid.

How often do you host auctions?

We host Estate Antique auctions every three weeks on Thursday nights at 6:30pm.  Often we host additional specialty auctions on Sundays and even the occasional off site event.

Where are the auctions held?

Auctions are held inside our gallery of the historic Aurora Colony Auction House located in the heart of Aurora, OR.  

How can I be notified of upcoming auctions?

We send out an email notifying everyone when an auction catalog is posted online and ready for preview.  We will never sell or spam you with emails other than those that are auction related.  If you are not on our mailing list yet, you can sign up here.

What does 'As-Is, Where-Is' mean?

As-is, where-is is a common auction terminology meaning that you the purchaser are agreeing to purchase a lot in an auction in its present condition at its current location.

What other services do you provide?

McLaren Auction Services is able to help you with estate & collections liquidations, benefit auctioneer services, and other auctioneer services.  Contact us directly for more in depth information.